What is a TXID transaction and how to find information about it.

Hash ID Transactions – what it is and how to find the TXID transaction.

Cryptographically protected transaction identifier in the distribution register of blockchain, which is assigned to each cryptocurrency operation after its formation.

ID of the transaction (TXID)
is a 64-character code consisting of a certain sequence of letters and numbers. This code is generated individually for each transaction and contains information about it, but at the same time is publicly available. Its transmission to third parties is absolutely safe, because all personal information is encrypted, without the possibility of restoring the original data.

The confirmation of the sent payment can only be a txid (bitcoin identifier) of the payment.

How do I know TXID?

Most cryptocurrencies operate on open blockchain registries, where information is publicly available to all users. But despite the importance of the identifier and the openness of blockchain, not every average user knows where to look at TXID and how to track the transaction.

TXID can be viewed in the operations log of the cryptocurrency wallet from which the transaction was made. Special services have also been developed that allow you to get the identifier of the transaction knowing its other data. For example, TXID check for different cryptocurrencies is available through services:

Tether USDT OMNIomniexplorer.info;
Tether USDT ERC20etherscan.io;

To find out TxID or TxHash, find your BTC address or the address of the recipient in block explorer. If you see a lot of transactions in the list, just find the amount of Bitcoins you sent. This way you can find this particular transaction. Once you have found your transaction, you should also find the transaction’s hash identifier. You can simply share the transaction identifier or find it and share the URL of the page with the recipient.

txid btc

This is the example of TXID:

. On the left are the addresses of the Bitcoin senders, on the right are the addresses of the Bitcoin recipients.

If you are sure that a payment has been sent by you, but it is not in the history of Transfers, in the Privat.Cash Personal Area, send it to Support service txid of this transaction and specify in the subject “transaction not credited” (txid transactions must be requested from the sender of the bitcoin payment).