Ethereum ETH to Bitcoin BTC

Requests without a Txid transaction are not processed automatically!
The exchange is automatic and can take 5 to 30 minutes depending on the commission to send Ethereum ETH and the number of confirmations.
The required number of confirmations for this direction of exchange is 15

It is important: To send Ethereum ETH you need to take into account the commission of your payment system (Blockchain,, bitgo, binance, etc.) so that the exact amount specified in the application is credited to our account. If you do not take into account the commission of your exchange or payment system, no automatic exchange will take place. If for some reason you have not taken into account the commission – contact us in any convenient way – we will send the funds to your card manually.

This operation is performed automatically.

Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 0.074953 BTC

min.: 0.06 ETH, max.: 100 ETH


min.: 0.004 BTC, max.: 7.49 BTC

Including payment system fees Bitcoin (0.0005 BTC)
With fees*:

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Ethereum ETH to Bitcoin BTC

On this page you can output Ethereum ETH to Bitcoin BTC. In this case, you can exchange Ethereum ETH only for BTC.

The exchange procedure is carried out automatically with minimal involvement of our operator, ie output Ethereum can be located as in any city in Ukraine.

How to exchange Ethereum ETH for Bitcoin BTC?
Create an application on our website.
Send the cryptocurrency and wait for 15 confirmations on the network Ethereum.
Get BTC to the Bitcoin card.

And now for each of the steps in more detail:

How to create a request?

Make sure you have the correct direction (Ethereum ETH → Bitcoin BTC).
Fill in the sum field: either the number of Ethereum to be exchanged or the number of BTC to be received.
Specify the number BTC of the Bitcoin card to which you want to transfer funds.
Enter your name (name), e-mail and phone number (or Telegram).
Click on the “Exchange” button.

Check your attention!
The exchange rate is fixed at the moment the payment is credited. This means that the actual amount of funds credited to your account may differ from the amount that was generated by the exchange calculator at the stage of creating the application.

Send this amount to Ethereum ETH and wait for the 15th confirmation.

Now we start the exchange – after creating the request on the site you will see the number of the wallet to which you need to transfer Ethereum ETH.
Transfer the amount of Ethereum ETH specified in the application to our wallet number and then enter the Txid of your transfer transaction and then click on the button “I paid for the application.
Wait for the 15th confirmation – only in this case the transaction is considered successful.
Get hryvnias on the card Bitcoin BTC
After your payment is confirmed, our system will automatically transfer BTC to the specified Bitcoin card.


Requests without a Txid transaction are not processed automatically!

This operation requires the participation of an operator (see the operator’s status).