This operation is performed manually by the operator and takes from 5 to 30 minutes during working hours (see operator status).

Cash operations are carried out only in the following cities of Ukraine: Kiev.

1. The minimum amount of exchange and commission depends on the city.
2. Before making an application, please contact the operator to clarify the reserve in your city.
3. Payment is made only after 100% payment of the request.


min.: 2000 USD, max.: 100000 USD


min.: 2000 BTC, max.: 25.91601732 BTC

min.: 2000 BTC
Including payment system fees Bitcoin (0.005 BTC) , you receive

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Exchanger Privat.Cash — Exchange Cash Kiev USD - Bitcoin BTC

You need to perform several steps for the exchange:

  1. Please fill in all fields of the submitted form. Press the “Exchange” button.
  2. Ready with the terms and conditions of the exchange contract, if you accept them, tick the appropriate box and click “Create a request”.
  3. Please pay for the request.  To do this, you need to make a transfer of the necessary amount, following the instructions on our site.
  4. After these actions, the system will move you to the “Request Status” page, where the status of your transfer will be indicated.

Attention: This operation requires the participation of an operator (see operator status).

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