Payment is automatically accepted in this way and depending on the time of receipt of 3 confirmations from Bitcoin network.

To make a payment, the operator will be required to submit the payment (see the operator’s status).


min.: 0.002 BTC, max.: 10 BTC

min.: 0.002 BTC

max.: 10 ETC

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Exchanger PrivatCash — Exchange Bitcoin BTC - Ethereum Classic ETC

You need to complete a few steps for the exchange:

  1. Please complete all fields in the form below. Press the “Exchange” button.
  2. Ready with the terms and conditions of the exchange contract, if you accept them, put a tick in the field and click “Create a request”.
  3. Client sends BTC to the received address after the step “Pay request”.
  4. After 100% payment of the order there will be a payment to the specified ETH wallet.
  5. The course is fixed at the moment of 3 confirmations.

Attention: The operator will be required to submit the payment (see operator status).

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19.10.2019, 07:46