Discounts and Offers

Dear customers!

We invite you to register on our website to activate the cumulative discount system, track the status of your applications and exchange statistics.

To register in the office, click this link and complete a simple form. Before registering, you will need to review the terms and conditions and accept the user agreement.

1. Registered users can use the cumulative discount system when making an exchange:

1 000-5 000 USD — 0.03%

5 000-15 000 USD — 0,06%

15 000- 30 000 USD — 0,09%

30 000-60 000 USD — 0,12%

60 000-100 000 USD — 0,15%

more 100 000 USD — 0,18%

2. Discounts are set automatically depending on the total amount of exchanges on completed requests.

3. The discount applies to the exchange rate. For example, if the operating exchange rate of 28 UAH → $1 and the user has a discount of 0.25% for exchange, then the course will make 27.93 UAH → $1.

4. For some types of exchange, the amount of discount is limited or not valid.

5. If you have an individual discount, the system will choose an individual discount (the cumulative discount does not work).

Attention! Additional discounts are possible for customers with large volumes. Please contact support for a discount.