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Do you have about 300-400 or so Bitcoins (at the time of writing) just burning a hole in your wallet and you want to pay for a serious item from the list of your wishes?
How about a ride into space on Virgin Galactic!

Sir Richard Branson said on his blog that..:

Virgin Galactic is one of the most exciting, futuristic companies in the universe. Bitcoin, virtual currency, has really captured the imagination lately as one of the most innovative businesses in the world, looking to the future. So we think it’s time for Virgin Galactic customers to choose to pay with bitcoin.
He goes on to say that the trip has already been bought with Bitcoin:
One future astronaut, a flight attendant from Hawaii, has already bought a Virgin Galactic ticket with Bitcoin and we expect many others to follow in her footsteps. All our future astronauts are pioneers in their field, and this is another way for the future.
He continues with some thoughts about Bitcoin, which we think is worth sharing:
I have invested in some Bitcoins myself and I find it fascinating how a whole new global currency was created. For people who can afford to invest a little in bitcoins, it is worth looking at this.

Finally, he ends his post with the next… well said by Sir Richard!
Virgin Galactic is a company that looks to the future, like Bitcoin. So it makes sense to offer Bitcoin as a way of paying for your space travel. Many of the people who have joined Bitcoin are technological people, as many of our current future astronauts. We would be happy to welcome more people from the Bitcoin community as future astronauts.